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A new apartment block in Southampton will show dramatic reductions in the amount of waste it will produce. Hampshire based construction company, Wilding Butler have collaborated with Southampton University and 30 other partners across 10 European countries in a programme working towards zero waste. Zero waste would mean that everything removed from its construction sites would be reused or recycled. Currently only half of construction waste generated in the UK is recycled.

Simon Gray, Wilding Butler’s director with responsibility for sustainability, is confident that the company will recycle approximately 90% of its waste on its new project in High Road Swaythling Southampton. He said “Although 90% is still a long way from achieving zero waste, it’s a major improvement on what has been done in the past.”

Waste prevention has been assigned the highest priority under European waste management law. However, the initiatives which have been taken so far have not prevented the total waste from increasing across Europe. The European programme, known as ZeroWIN, started in 2009 and lasting five years aims at taking a holistic approach to waste prevention.

Wilding Butler became part of this European initiative at the very start. The company had already established a partnership with Southampton University. Thirty students who were studying Environmental Management Systems in the School of Civil Engineering and the Environment had already. Wilding Butler was keen to update its environmental policy and move towards the internationally recognised environmental standard ISO 14001 so that the company’s construction projects will be used by academics in their research to develop practical ways of reducing waste. The resulting new ideas for waste reduction will then be implemented on their subsequent projects.

The first project in Aldershot (pictured) was used in 2010 to establish baselines against which the other case studies could be monitored. A second site in Reading was used in 2011 to apply improvements and the third site in Swaythling is being used to demonstrate progress towards meeting the ZeroWIN targets to increase reuse and recycling and to reduce water and energy use.

Phil Wilding, Managing Director of Wilding Butler stated “The construction and demolition sector consumes a huge volume of resources and generates a substantial proportion of the total waste in the UK with estimates of up to 49%.” He added “Our awareness of the need for sustainability has increased phenomenally in recent years and we find it hugely exciting to be in the forefront of this European project to substantially reduce the waste in UK construction industry.” Phil’s colleague Martyn commented “Our involvement with ZeroWIN has made us realise what is possible and we are very enthusiastic to embrace the zero waste concept in which everything has its use.”

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